Plant, Machinery & HGVs July Online Report


Plant, Machinery & HGVs July Online Report

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Plant, Machinery & HGVs July Online Report

Another month of online only sales, and another month of strong trade & top prices! We saw exciting bidding wars throughout the sale. There were some surprisingly high prices in all sections, with some lots tripling our expectations! Our vehicle row was almost at capacity this month which drew out several new customers and we enjoyed a fantastic number of bids. A strong line up of tractors & directly consigned agricultural equipment experienced some really high demand. Then, as always, we had a massive clearance rate for the plant which was offered.

It is now extremely difficult to make decisions around heading back to live auctions. We truly have safety at the core of our business, and as such we will not rush into anything which would risk our staff or client’s health. While prices remain high, kit continues to sell well, and purchasers appear happy with the arrangement we do not intend on making any drastic changes to the format of our auctions in the immediate future. We were able to facilitate viewings this month, without prior arrangement and this caused no problems & helped potential bidders get a true feel for the condition of the lots on offer. We recognize it is important for purchasers to buy with confidence and we enjoy having customers on site to create the true buzz of an auction day!

Construction plant is extremely scarce again currently. This is, in part due to the strength of the export trade, as well as delays in new equipment where factories have been shut down and production put on hold because of the corona. We had a brilliant clearance rate with a strong entry of excavators, rollers & dumpers all making good money. There were around half a dozen late entry telehandlers which helped boost the numbers in this section, all of them sold and went straight back out the gates. Demand for large plant appeared to have backed off a little, this is always a market sector where things typically move slower. We didn’t have many implements & attachments in this time, these will be being offered on the 24th July as part of our sundry timed online auction. For more info on bidding and entering, follow the links below or give us a call.

Six John Deere tractors, direct to us from a Scottish county council, all smashed their reserves. These were mid-range older machines and will need a little work to get them showroom-ready, however it is visibly genuine tractors like this that will always fetch the very top prices & command most attention in an auction environment. We also had a nice selection of makes from a few end-user homes. This month saw our highest ever clearance rate for tractors.

Anyone who was watching as the vehicles were reaching the end of their count down (we do not extend the end time, encouraging potential purchasers to put in their true highest bid early) will have seen the dramatic climb in the prices on a handful of refuse collection vehicles. I’ve never personally been excited by anything to do with bin lorries, but this month I was surprised to see how the bidding jumped from £10,000 to over £30,000 in almost the last minute alone! Among the other ex-council, finance & end user vehicles there were some thoroughly unique lots which made strong money. Whoever said that selling gritters in July was lunacy would have been proved wrong in this case. Several 4x4 & 6x4 gritting lorries sold well. Even a couple which had been used as donor lorries, in a highways yard, made plenty of money.

We didn’t have the same high numbers of entries of ATVs & grounds care equipment as last month, but trade was certainly still alive for it. We barely had a single item left unsold by the end of the day. Over 40 mowers and 20 ATVs were offered, we missed to sell 6 mowers & only 1 ATV, a fantastic statistic! We’d love to hear from you if you have any machines to dispose of and wish to take advantage of our sale platform.

Our next auction will be for the smaller, sundry items. There are plenty of attachments & implements to go at, as well as a nice selection of golf buggies, trailers & hand-held equipment. This online auction will be ending throughout the day of the 24th July. The next machinery & HGV auction will be help on the 14th August and we already have a strong entry for then.

Please get in touch if you’d like any more info on selling with us or the services we can offer. You can call us in the office on 01981 250642 or email to request a call back or general valuation on any equipment & machinery you have.

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