Plant, Machinery & HGVs September Online Report


Plant, Machinery & HGVs September Online Report

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Plant, Machinery & HGVs September Online Report

We have now been holding online only sales for just over half a year and so far the trade has continued to be very strong and buyers have gotten to grips with the online process very quickly. We run a custom built, in house developed system which gives the bidder an easy to use platform & ensures they are kept up to date with how their bids are getting on. Real time notifications pop up on-screen alerting bidders when they have been outbid or if anyone has increased their offer on a lot in which they are interested.

The current feeling in the market is a very odd one. Trade remains strong, prices remain high, used equipment remains scarce and a weakened pound has meant a surge in export demand. However, we have heard no end of scaremongering and doom and gloom from some would be buyers. Vendors have enjoyed how straight forward our services are. We offer the highest, fairest market price while giving the opportunity for customers to defend the value of their assets in our fully reserved auction, with an extremely fair “no-sale-no-fee” commission structure.

Diggers, diggers, diggers.. was what seemed to be on every buyer’s mind this month, as has been the story throughout the pandemic period! You know by now I love my statistics about our sale days and this month we saw over 95% clearance rate for all excavators entered which was simply astounding! A strong entry of direct “end of hire” dumpers bolstered the trade ginormously in this section, we saw one firm enter a range of JCB & Terex 3, 6, & 9T machines, both straight & swivel tips. All bar one of their line up sold, averaging well past reserve! This is just another example of how well the auction format performs over a large genuine collection of equipment from one home. We saw our highest ever clearance rate in the dumper row. Rollers were in short supply this time which drove prices up. There was a nice collection of access kit which made strong money. I was pleased to see a bit more of this equipment back in the yard, as we haven’t had many nice lifts for a while. The telehandler row looked positively empty this time around (and looks considerably emptier now that all the purchases have been collected!) the lack of entries was made up for by the huge demand and high percentage of sold lots. I also enjoyed seeing several clean and tidy backhoes in this auction, something which has been lacking from the last few sales, they performed well and one 2004 3CX contractor+ in particular, commanded a very high price. I can’t write a paragraph about our plant section without pointing out the £90,100 top price of the day achieved by a 17 year old tower crane, pictured above. This came to us direct from a contractor and has already been driven to it’s new home in the Netherlands.

We had a good consignment of direct council New Holland tractors & 2 big repossessed T6 New Hollands, all of these flew by reserve & were intensely fought over! As well as these were several interesting & genuine end of use machines. This is a section which always exceeds expectations but it extremely hard to fill.

HGVs, artic trailers & commercial vehicles were performing well online this month. We are allowing viewings of all our lots & have on-site, impartial engineers available to talk through any lot you are interested in. The vehicle section had another good day, with the clearance rate hitting a little over 70%, which for vehicles is impressive. Several direct council entries helped wet buyer’s appetites & kept the trade bouncing along throughout the 2 hours when these lots were ending.

As summer is well and truly drawing to a close we are seeing an influx of end of use grounds care equipment. Demand in this section has been unwavering all through the last 6 months, this sale was no exception. We had another flying trade on mowers and associated machinery.

The ugly side of the pandemic has been the downturn in economic fortunes that many people have seen. We offered a large collection direct from farm on behalf of a finance company this month. This included over 30 implements as well as a handful of trailers, tractors & a telehandler, all of the implements saw dozens of bids from over 100 different buyers in that section alone. In the entire farm implements & attachments row we saw the best hit-rate ever for sales past reserves. Couple that with the near 100% selling rate we have been having recently on Ifor Williams trailers and we had an extremely positive first couple of hours on the sale day!

For the foreseeable future we will continue to operate our timed online bidding system, the most recent upgrades to covid security measures have been a reminder to us all of the role each one of us must play in controlling the virus. We still feel that holding live auctions with mass gatherings of customers is not in anyone’s best interests. We would prefer to see our customers and staff both healthy and safe. And free from fines for breaking social distancing rules!

If you would like to take advantage of our nation leading services then get in touch with our dedicated account managers. Contact me (Dave Smith) on 07969 410777 or James Thomas on 07976 896943. We sell equipment for the MOD, Environment Agency, County Councils, London Boroughs, national construction firms, finance houses, leasing companies, national hire firms, hauliers, contractors, farmers & more! This strong provenance of our equipment and diverse range of vendors brings out buyers from every corner of the world so you can be confident your equipment has had the best publicity possible. We have exported machines to most countries on every continent on the globe.

Call one of us today to ask about our tailor made auction options if you have specific requirements for disposals of equipment e.g. large fleet dispersal, single “hard to transport” or fixed assets, farm sales and site clearances.

As with all of our auctions the full results are published below, and the catalogue for our next auction on the 9th October is also online and growing rapidly!

September auction results:

October sale catalogue: