Plant, Machinery & HGVs November Online Report


Plant, Machinery & HGVs November Online Report

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Plant, Machinery & HGVs November Online Report

If you’re a regular reader of my monthly sale report you’ll have a rough gauge of how I write… Always upbeat and optimistic. It’s often hard to find new ways of describing how trade has been going. This month shouldn’t be hard. Put simply, we’ve made some vendors very happy and I don’t mind being smug about it!

Since our last month we had a good push on the marketing and on the social media reach… this seems to have worked. I’m quite a geek when it comes to statistics at times so here goes, some of our top stats…

  • Most ever registered buyers
  • Most diverse tractor entry
  • Highest clearance rate in tractor section
  • Highest clearance rate in heavy plant section
  • Highest clearance rate in agricultural implements
  • Highest % sold to end users
  • Overall highest clearance rate
  • Highest % of lots sold over reserve
  • All adding up to... largest sale total of 2020 (so far!)

So, what specifically was doing so well… We had a lovely little collection of machines direct from the Environment Agency, these are always well cared for, low houred machines and are fiercely fought over by lots of end user purchasers. One finance company had consigned nearly £300,000 worth of machinery with us, all of which was sold! The 3 large excavators, slurry tanker & lowloader trailer have now all been sold to different purchasers, two of the machines have gone to end users & one abroad. The slurry tanker went to a farmer in Gloucestershire and the lowloader to a fencing contractor near Carlisle!

Elsewhere we had some really good quality construction machinery delivered early in the month. A 2011 CAT D5K on LGP tracks with only around 1200hours on the clock was sold to the maiden bidder. It’s interesting to see how different bidding techniques often end up with the original high bidder being successful in purchasing their desired machines. Several end of use, ex hire fleet telehandlers arrived near the sale date from three different vendors. We aim to get all lots uploaded and on the web as soon as possible after they have been delivered, these were on and enquiries came straight in from Iraq via Facebook! Sure enough this is where they are now heading, we will be loading them into a container later this week. We also had a last minute delivery of a 2011 Vogele paver from a very well-known national road surfacing company, we had only 48 hours between this one being entered into our auction and the (virtual) hammer falling… we still managed to find a solid export buyer in that time and have sent the machine to the docks as per stipulation from the vendor!

We had a real rainbow tractor section this month with almost all of the main brands well represented. Several fresh & low hour examples were offered and there were strong buyers for each machine. There were a few dealers this time trying out our services for the first time, these new customers were sent away happy, now awaiting their payment which will be put in their bank 2 weeks from sale date. Lots of vendors this month were delighted to see all of their lots bid well past reserve. Farmers offering their machines through our ring were pleased to see values well exceed what they had expected to be offered. Trade was simply untouchable here, and with no sign of demand relenting, we expect a repeat performance next month!

There was no “stand out” collection of vehicles this time, no specifically immense result or consignment. On the whole though trade was still solid, we scored another high clearance rate & kept turning metal into money for a wide range of vendors! There were lorries from the MOD, councils, leasing firms, haulage contractors, civils firms, hire fleets, dealers & finance companies. Trade was strong, in particular a pair of sweepers made good money, as did a pair of 4wd Mercedes gritters, direct from council. Among other notable results was an ex-army crane, repo DAF hotbox lorry, Scania tipper, ex-fire brigade MAN curtain sider & end of use plant hire firm’s DAF beavertail. We have a fantastic selection of buyers for used HGVs & commercial vehicles, the fact we also sell to thousands of clients in the plant, machinery & farming businesses gives us access to a broader market of end users than perhaps a solely commercial vehicle based auction.

Late autumn, heading into winter isn’t really the time of year that one thinks of when considering the best time to sell grounds maintenance equipment… But perhaps it should be! Yet again this section was over subscribed and we had to find space in the lorry row to accommodate late entries! Couple that with a bumper consignment of quad bikes & utility vehicles, and we really did get a hell of a trade for mowers & ATVs! The general farm machinery section, full of implements & attachments saw a roaring trade again, clearing a better % than ever. In addition to this we sold every single car trailer we offered & all but 3 of our agricultural trailers. We now already have a large consignment of Ifor Williams trailers for our next big auction in December.

Just around the corner now is our sundry auction where there will be chance to purchase a huge number of small tools, buckets, attachments, implements, hand held machinery, trailers, bowsers, & materials. There’s a link to this catalogue below so take a look & get in touch if you have anything to add to the catalogue.

Our final large plant, machinery & HGV auction of the year will be held on the 11th December and machines are already arriving for this one. Keep your eyes on our catalogue, like our social media pages & get in touch for up to date information on what’s going on around the yard!

Since my last report we have also sold the bare hull of a house boat which was moored on the river Thames. This boat had sunk in the flooding earlier in the year and had been recovered pending disposal. There’s no limit to the remarketing services we can offer for all kinds of machinery, vehicular, agricultural, marine and plant assets. Speak to one of our experts any time to discuss how we can get you the greatest return, whether it is a contentious repossession, a large fleet dispersal, a one off asset sale or consignment to our monthly auction. We can host sales from anywhere in the world as well as tailoring the service completely to your needs.

I’ll leave you now with my number and a few links to follow for more info on specific results or up coming auctions, for any further info call me on 07969 410777.

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