How to Buy

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How to Buy

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Brightwells’ machinery and heavy goods vehicle auctions extend to three categories, including plant and machinery, HGV and sundries. Auctions are an exciting way of buying and Brightwells make the process as easy as possible whilst providing the surety of a 150 year old nationally recognised company.

We have warm and welcoming staff, with excellent product and market knowledge. We make every effort to take our time with our buyers and if you have any questions, we will endeavour to answer them all to the best of our ability.

Buyer registration

Live Auction: All purchasers not holding a permanent buyer’s number must register BEFORE bidding. All non-security card holders are requested to bring identification. Non-registered purchasers will NOT have bids accepted.

Timed Online Auction: During the pandemic all of Brightwells auctions are being held online, for more information on how to register to bid and the bidding process please click HERE

Indemnity scheme

To protect buyers, we charge an indemnity fee on top of the sale price. All machinery offered for sale by Brightwells at Madley will now be sold with a full warranty as to title. This means that purchasers can buy in the knowledge that if the goods purchased should subsequently prove to have been stolen, or the subject of an un-discharged finance agreement, or any other claim as to title, Brightwells will immediately refund the purchase price in full.

Machinery Indemnity 2.5% + VAT (min £10)
Direct Utilities Indemnity 5% + VAT (min £10)
Vehicles Indemnity 5% + VAT (min £10)
Sundry Indemnity 10% + VAT (min £2)
Environment Agency Indemnity 10% + VAT (min £10)

Please note: An online bidding fee of 1% plus VAT will be charged on purchases, on top of the standard indemnity.


Live Auction: All items purchased shall be PAID FOR ON THE DAY OF THE SALE immediately after the conclusion of the auction.

Timed Auction: Bidders will be contacted after the sale regarding provisional bids placed under reserve. All items must be paid for within 48 hours of invoicing. Your deposit will be lost if you fail to pay for a lot. Payment will only be taken by bank transfer, terms will be sent with the email invoice.