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Plant & Machinery new to live auction guide:

Whether you are new to buying or selling with Brightwells, we would like to welcome you and hope this simple guide may be of some help. When you come to one of our events you can get all the support you need by approaching any member of Brightwells’ staff and explaining that you are new to our auctions. Our team will gladly help you through the simple processes.

Buying Your Machinery or HGV
Brightwells’ Machinery and Heavy Goods Vehicle auctions extend to three categories including Plant and Machinery, HGV and Sundries, all of which are fully detailed on our website. Auctions are an exciting way of buying and Brightwells make the process as easy as possible whilst providing the surety of a 150 year old nationally recognised company. The following is a simple guide to getting the most from your visit to Brightwells.

Prior to Attending a Particular Sale
Details of our auctions can be found online at, here you find a list of machinery being offered for sale, just click on catalogue. The catalogue is advertised on our website one week prior to the sale date. You are able to view the catalogue online or if you wish to have a catalogue e-mailed direct every month you can join our mailing list. You will be able to find the conditions of sale, results of previous sales and also a full location map on the plant, machinery and HGV section of our website to give you additional information.

It is particularly important to read our conditions of sale and also health and safety information contained on the website prior to attending the sale.

Viewing is from 9:00 a.m. on the morning of the sale and you will be able to register at our sales office on the site as a buyer and also be able to speak to a member of our staff with any questions that you may have.

Please ask our staff or check the catalogue for a list of buyers indemnity charges which are added to the bid price of each lot and bear in mind that VAT is charged on all lots in the sale and on the indemnity charges. This fee covers you against unlikely potential title problems such as outstanding finance agreements or if the vehicle or equipment is unable to pass with good title and gives the buyer peace of mind.

At the auction
As previously explained you will need to register at our sale in order to bid, this is a simple process and we do ask that you bring some identification in the form of a driving licence, passport and a utility bill so that we can fully identify you when you arrive on site to register. This helps our registration process and makes it shorter than it otherwise would be.

We may ask for a deposit depending on the level at which you are likely to bid and if this is a significant amount over £1,000 we may also request a bankers reference if you wish to pay by cheque.

We accept cash payments and debit card. 

Check the timing of the sale. Our sundries section, which includes many small items of grounds maintenance equipment, building materials, workshop equipment, garden ornaments and statutory, wheels, tyres, leisure equipment and many other items, commences at 10:00 a.m. with the main machinery section commencing at 10:30 a.m. There is no catalogue for the sundries section.

We sell in the sundries section at approximately 120 lots per hour and in the machinery section at approximately 80 lots per hour, however this is only a guide so give yourself plenty of time on the sale day. Our refreshment area is situated opposite our office building and there is a w/c block on site.

If you are completely new to auctions, ensure you listen to other lots being sold so that you can get used to the bidding process. During the sale our auctioneer will call out the lot number of the vehicle or item being sold and the bidding will start. Our clients have many different ways of signalling a bid, some of which are more eccentric than others! The easy way is to clearly raise your hand or nodding is fine for those who are slightly more confident. Don’t worry about the possibility of accidentally having a bid taken when it wasn’t intended, our auctioneers are very experienced and as well as the normal signal our auctioneers are looking for eye contact.

Once you have successfully purchased your item please raise your bidders number so that we can easily complete our process of logging the sale. Within half an hour of the bid we will be able to process your sale and once payment is accepted we can issue you with an invoice. You will also have a yellow pass invoice which once you have loaded your lot and are proceeding to the exit of the sale will be checked by our security staff prior to leaving the site.

If the auctioneer when selling you the lot informs the buyers that this is a “subject sale” or “sold subject” then this is a sale at underneath the reserve price but at the vendors discretion. In other words you have agreed to purchase the lot at the figure, subject to the seller of the lot agreeing to accept the figure. This is a binding contract on the purchaser and it may take a little time to contact the vendor to inform him of your bid.

Loading of Lots is a most important aspect of the sale as there are many heavy and awkward items sold at our sales. We have a fully qualified telehandler operator and certificated machine on site as well as persons qualified to attach chains and slings if necessary. Once you have concluded your business in our office and if you need the items lifted please proceed to the machine which is clearly marked and ask the driver to load your lot. We would rather advise you than have any risk of injury so please feel free to ask the advice of the people on the site. There is a small charge for lifting payable to the machine driver.

With regard to clearance of the lots it is better to clear your lots on the day of sale from the sale site as all lots are at the purchasers risk from the fall of the hammer. We do have storage if you require the lot to be left and please ask one of our staff about this on the day of sale.

Exporting Goods & Value Added Tax
Any prospective purchaser intending to export their goods must inform Brightwells prior to the sale taking place and the goods being purchased. This is to ensure that the purchaser fully understands and meets the criteria required for exporting goods to an EU or non EU country. All purchasers must inform the office prior to purchase of their valid EU VAT number.

All goods purchased will be paid for in full (inclusive of VAT).

Once proof of export has been provided and has satisfied the seller the VAT element will be refunded.

A 20 % non returnable deposit will be required on the day of purchase if payment for the goods are to be made by direct transfer. Goods will not be released until payment has been made in full (inclusive of VAT).

If the goods purchased have to be stored while payment and transport is being organised a storage charge may be required.

If you require any further information please contact our credit controller who will be situated at the registration desk and will clarify any questions you may have with regards to the procedures of exporting goods.

Selling Your Equipment or Vehicle Valuing your Lots
When considering entering lots in our sales please do not hesitate to ring the office and speak to one of the auctioneers who will be delighted to assist you in advising the likely value of your lot. We can also advise you on transport, presentation and a variety of matters that may help the eventual sale price of the lots you are selling.

We undertake extensive local and national advertising and therefore if possible we like to be aware of the entry as early as possible and ideally three weeks before the sale. However we do accept late entries up to the time of sale and the sundries section are booked in on the day of sale and the days previously.

When you decide to sell
Decide your reserve price, if you feel it is appropriate to have one.

Obtain the dates of forthcoming sales.

Be sure that you have checked the sale details for commission levels and costs and bear in mind that VAT is chargeable on both these items.

Ensure that you have made contact with our entries team and that you have furnished them with your personal details, details of your lot and all necessary documentation.

Deliver your vehicle or arrange a collection with our team to our sale site preferably prior to sale day, otherwise in good time for the sale.

You may like to request a delogo of the vehicle which is available at an extra cost from our preparation department.

If you are not going to be present on the auction day to see if your vehicle or lot sells, please tell the staff and we will notify you of the success or otherwise of the sale of the lot. If successful you will receive a cheque in full payment less commission and costs, which is posted fourteen days after the auction. If you wish us to settle any finance please furnish us with the necessary details.

Finally, if your vehicle is unsold you may wish to remove it from the premises or arrange for it to be included in a future sale. Any of our staff will advise you on these arrangements.

Health and Safety Information General
First Aid kits are located in the sale office. If anyone requires first aid then please make themselves known at the office and a member of staff who is trained in first aid will be called upon to assist you.

Visitors to the sale must observe and obey all notices, signs and regulations concerning safety and welfare at all times, they should use common sense and be aware at all times of what is going on around them.

Whilst the Auctioneers and Vendor have made every effort to ensure safety on site, All persons attend at their OWN RISK.

Children must be accompanied by an Adult and supervised at all times.

All persons must be aware that Plant Machinery and other equipment has inherent dangers and must take care at all times. No engines to be started, Booms or Jibs raised or any other operation to take place without the presence of the Vendor. Do not climb on the equipment and keep to the designated Sale Areas. Please ask our staff if in any doubt.

We also have the following safe systems of work in place in order to help ensure the safety of not only purchasers and sellers, but also our members of staff.

Safe Systems of work
The Vendor must deliver the item(s), (and if unsold collect) on suitable and safe vehicles to the sale yard. No unloading by the vendor using equipment other than that provided by the auctioneers unless it is a properly certificated lorry crane (including chains and slings) operated by a qualified user. You must be aware of safety to all persons at all times when operating on the sale site. It is your responsibility to attend at your own risk.

If in doubt ask.

No persons whatsoever shall use any Forklifts or Loaders of any type on the sale premises, Car Parks or any other area connected with the Sale. The only machines for loading or unloading are those designated by the Auctioneers, operated by their appointed operators. No persons shall use or interfere with any Slings, Chains, Lifting equipment or any other equipment the Auctioneers use for Loading. All persons must at all times keep clear of the loading or unloading operations being undertaken by the Auctioneers or their Agents.

We hope that this brief guide is of help to you but do remember we are always on hand to give you any support that you may need and you can make contact either by visiting us or by telephoning 01568 611166. Whether you are a buyer or seller we do hope that your auction experience with us at Brightwells is rewarding.