Buy with confidence


We offer by online auction approximately 1,000 vehicles every month, many from blue chip sellers such as Government Departments, Finance Companies, Franchised Main Agents and Companies.

To find what you want, we post catalogues on our website on the Tuesday prior to each weekly Thursday auction.

The lists are promoted from the Brightwells Home Page and contain all the information you require to buy vehicles in this way.

We promote the vehicles with details of:

  • Type, Age and Mileage - our online database sources the information you need to help determine what the vehicle is, how old it is and what the mileage shows (Warranted or Unwarranted)
  • Paperwork - service history, MoT dates, V5C info and other documents
  • Photographs - we take pictures of the vehicles from all angles, to include images of extra equipment and any significant damage you need to know about
  • Videos - we promote videos showing the vehicles running
  • Values - we show, where we can, the book values for the vehicles in their description. We use a valuation guide, called CAP, which is one of the best used in the Trade. These are not actual values, but are to be used as a guide.
  • VAT & Buyer Fees - each lot shows what rate of Buyers Premium is added to the hammer price on your invoice, plus any VAT attributable to the hammer price and the buyer fees.


Prospective buyers are welcome to view the vehicles we have on site, by booking an appointment in advance and in the knowledge that our paramount objective is to conduct safe viewing in light of the current circumstances.

Viewing is allowed on the Wednesday (the day before the sale), between 10am - 3pm.

Terms apply for viewing, which we would be delighted to discuss with you, when you book by calling us on 01568 611325.

We can also walk around a vehicle for prospective buyers who choose to ring in and ask for our phone inspection service. Again, please register your interest by calling us on 01568 611325.


All our auctions are online, where the time counts down and you place your bids before the clock runs out. Once the clock gets to the end, that is it, there is no extension if someone bids in the last few seconds.

You will need to create a bidding account on our site by visiting here. Once you have an account, you can register for an auction by going to a catalogue listing and clicking on the REGISTER FOR AUCTION button.

A deposit is usually payable for joining the auction. If you do not buy anything, then you will get the deposit back. If you buy, we will use your deposit as funds against your invoice. The amount for the deposit is shown at the point of sale registration.

To bid, go to the lots you are interested in and click on their image to open their bidding page. You will find a box where you can enter a bid, information of what the current bid is and what the next lowest amount to bid can be.

If your bid has the value up to or at the reserve, the bid will be taken at it's maximum to the reserve.

If the lot has no reserve or if your bid is forced above the reserve by other bidders, then our increment system comes into play and you will see what the next minimum bid can be on the bid page. If your maximum bid is above the increment, the bid will go to the increment, unless someone thereafter forces the bid up to your maximum. Bidders cannot place a bid with the same maximum that someone else has already placed, so a warning will tell you if your bid is the same. You may pay less than your maximum bid if you win, therefore, depending on other bidders.

Bids cannot be withdrawn at any time. All bids are contractually binding. The highest bidder to be the Purchaser and no bidding shall be retracted after the hammer has fallen. The Auctioneers reserve the right to refuse any bidding and in the event of any dispute the Lot may be up again at the Auctioneers’ discretion.

Further tips on bidding in this auction can be found in our Guide To Timed Auctions.


Once the auction is complete, provisional sales have been negotiated and our systems have been updated, all winning buyers will then be sent by email their invoices.

Our terms are that all items must be paid for within 48 hours of invoicing, after which collection/delivery will be arranged to suit your requirements.

We would just remind bidders that you cannot retract a bid, so your deposit will be lost if you fail to pay for a lot.

We only accept payment by bank transfer, terms will be sent with the email invoice. So, please don't send a cheque and don't bring cash. Payment must be settled before you collect your goods, of course.


Our auction centre is based at Brightwells Auction Site, Stoney Street, Madley, Herefordshire, HR2 9NH. We own this site, so you can collect your vehicle anytime during our normal work hours (8am – 4pm, Monday – Friday), except for Bank Holidays and in between Christmas and New Year.

Our storage compound are fully alarmed and insured, with 24-hour security monitoring.

No matter where you live or what you want to have transported, we know someone who can do it. Vehicle transportation is all about timing, safety, storage and price, and we have been involved with companies who do the job for over thirty years, through various parts of our business. We can arrange delivery for international sellers from most parts of the globe, let alone the UK.

One thing we do ask is that vehicles are not left with us for days on end after the sale. We expect them to be collected within three days of sale day, after which we will charge storage at £15 plus VAT per day.

Please remember that when the vehicle is taken away from Brightwells, you must check you have all the paperwork we have given you. 


Once you have bought, paid for and collected your vehicle, we will notify DVLA that the vehicle has passed into your hands. We have to do this by law. This is usually done by us sending to them the small transfer slip on the V5C.

We check all the vehicles through databases to ensure they are not registered as being stolen, on finance, an accident write off etc.

However, to be extra safe we include in the Buyers Premium the buyer protection of an Indemnity Scheme, which is approved under the cover of NAMA (National Association of Motor Auctions), of which we are a member.

The Indemnity Scheme allows buyers to reclaim their purchase monies should the vehicle they bought turn out to have broken the terms of the scheme. Full details of the scheme can be found on our auction pages and it is another reason why you should confidently buy from Brightwells.