1974 Jensen Interceptor III Six-Pack EFI

Rock solid car from sunny California; engine upgraded with electronic fuel injection and other performance goodies; reconditioned gearbox; enticing winter project requiring  front end repairs

Launched in 1966, the Interceptor catapulted Jensen straight into the upper echelons of the supercar firmament – never mind Milan, Modena and Stuttgart, here comes West Bromwich!
An intoxicating mix of Italian style, American muscle and British craftsmanship, the hand-built Interceptor was initially powered by a 6,276cc Chrysler V8 driving the rear wheels through a TorqueFlite automatic transmission and had dragster-like performance. By 1971 the engine had grown to 7.2-litres and there were few cars in the world that could stay with it in a straight line or match it for refinement.
However, technology moves on and nowadays there are many ways to improve the performance of the venerable Chrysler V8, as any number of American tuners will tell you. This superficially sorry-looking Interceptor is one such example. Built in December 1974, it has spent its whole life in sunny California which accounts for its impressively rust-free condition today.
Unfortunately, about two years ago it was damaged at the front when one of the owner’s children got into the car and accidentally ran it into a concrete bollard – ouch! As you can see in the photos, it was quite a thump, but the damage is not as bad as it might first appear.
What makes it really interesting is the work that has gone on under the louvred bonnet. At some point it has been considerably upgraded with a modern self-tuning six-pack electronic fuel injection system in place of the original carburettor set-up which can potentially double the standard 320bhp power output. The technical details are too complex to explain here, but if you copy and paste this link into your browser you will get the general idea:
Our vendor acquired the car direct from the owner (so there is no insurance claim or salvage notice on the title of the vehicle) and shipped it back to the UK in October last year. He was intending to repair the car and has already amassed some of the parts required to complete the job which are included in the sale.
The vendor states that: "The front cross member and front bumper took the impact of the accident but I have inspected the car on a ramp and the damage is limited to the front end – the main chassis tubes appear undamaged as are the A and B posts. The n/s front wing will need replacement and possibly the inner wing panels and the bonnet, but the o/s wing is repairable. Both the doors open and close easily and the shut-lines are excellent.
"The engine turns over by hand and according to information given to me by the previous owner it features a self-tuning six-pack EX fuel injection system (with control unit and charger); six-pack aluminium manifold; an uprated camshaft; uprated Pro-Billet MSD distributor (8546); MSD Digital 6A-L ignition box (6425); 8.5mm Super Conductor wire set (32739); Blaster 2 ignition coil (8202); MSD coil bracket (8213); new water pump; aluminium heads; new alternator; high-speed starter motor and an uprated fuel pump.
"The gearbox has been reconditioned, as has the power steering rack which is still in good order and undamaged. The front and rear brake calipers have been rebuilt with new pistons. It has stainless steel exhausts and a FEN Air air conditioning system. All taxes have been paid and a NOVA reference and the USA Certificate of Title come with the car confirming that the VIN number is correct. It has two sets of keys."
The car comes with a number of parts to assist with the front-end restoration:
* Front radiator * Radiator fan frame, surround and the twin electric fans * Radiator expansion tank * Metal slat radiator grille * Jensen front radiator grill badge * Lower light signal pods * Front lights outer * Front lights aluminium frames * Trico windscreen wash bottle and pump * Four blade period fuse box * Bumper stop piece
A worthy alternative to any Aston Martin from the same era, this hand-built and excitingly upgraded GT will make a fine winter project for someone and has great potential at the modest guide price suggested.
For more information contact James on 07970 309907 or email [email protected]

Chassis Number: 22111396
Engine Size: 7212
Docs: NOVA ref; US Certificate of Title; import docs; wiring diagram; Martin Robey parts catalogue

Estimate: £8,000+

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