1962 Ferrari 250 GTE

Series II barn find 250 for complete restoration; ideal for conversion into something even more exotic; engine block included - Body number and axle number photos added

Floccinaucinihilipilification is the word that obviously springs to mind when looking at this project - but clearly it's not the case as this is a Ferrari - and a 250 at that...

'Like buses' is not an oft-heard reference when it comes to 250 GTEs, but here we have not one, but two projects in the sale - and in no way related to each other - other than being Ferraris - how about that for a coincidence?

Chassis 3901GT was Maranello Concessionaires order number 63 and was sold through Highfield Motors to Mr Walkup - well known in Ferrari circles at the time. It was first registered on 5th February 1963 using his personal registration XCH 555 and came painted Azzuro (light metallic blue) with Connolly VM3015 light blue leather upholstery.

Three weeks after delivery, it was involved in a fairly serious accident, Maranello Concessionaires considering the car to be too badly damaged to repair. The insurance paid out, and Walkup purchased a 250GTE replacement which subsequently carried his personal number. This second car is known to have survived and these days is a replica 250 Testa Rossa.

Our car was presumably sold into the trade for repair, surfacing again when our vendor found it at Richard Birks Motor Services in High Wycombe, just round the corner from where he worked, way back in 1971.

He spotted it while on his lunch break and went to investigate. The car had been with them for some considerable time following crash repairs (whether from the first accident or subsequent damage we do not know) and when he enquired about buying it, was told that they were waiting for payment from the customer. He left, chalking his phone number on the wall next to the car.

Two years later, he got the call, saying they had taken ownership and was he still interested. The copy of the original bill of sale for £800 is on file, showing it was registered 34 GJB and was sold with no tax or MOT.

The vendor was to use the car everyday for the next 10 years, carrying the family of five around in the 2+2! There can't be many 250s around with tow bars, but this car worked hard for its living. A subsequent move to West Wales (where the car has been slumbering all these years) involved a trip down the M4, with the all family and a trailer at a steady 100mph!!

The car retired into the shed where it has lain awaiting restoration ever since. The engine was removed, and sadly the heads, carbs and gearbox have gone AWOL, possibly by light fingered opportunists or maybe they were sold to help a 250 GTO project we simply don't know - suffice to say we have looked very very carefully and they do not exist.

As one can see, time and poor storage have not been kind to the poor old Ferrari, but aside from the front seats, gearbox/bell housing,  heads and carbs, it looks largely complete. Even at today's values (£350k+ for a good one), it is probably beyond economic restoration back to GTE 2+2 spec, but of course the underpinnings and matching engine block makes it the perfect donor for a Lusso or GTO replica which is a different story altogether.

What you see in the pictures is what you get, a fabulous project which will give the 250 a new lease of life.

The registration number 34 GJB is no longer recognised on the DVLA database, although it is mentioned on the bill of sale from 1973 and a copy of a letter to the vendor from Mike Worthington-Williams in 1995 who inspected the car for valuation - both of which which may or may not be of use. Bidders are also advised that the rear wheels are siezed, whether through brakes or diff we do not know.

How lucky we are to have a comprehensive rolling chassis parked right next door, and on offer at no reserve just a few lots later in the sale!

What exciting finds!!

Floccinaucinihilipilification is the fourth longest word in the English dictionary and means 'the action of estimating something as worthless'!

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Chassis Number: 3901
Engine Number: 128F 3901
Engine Size: 2963cc
Docs: 2 x Headlight Lenses in Office

Sale Section & Buyers Premium (ex VAT): Car 12%, Minimum £150

Estimate: £40,000-60,000

Lot 70

Lot ended

Wednesday 22/06/2022

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